Virtual investigation simulation environment for radicalisation
woman wearing virtual reality headset using controllers

VISER was a standalone outcome of the MINDb4ACT project to demonstrate the potential role of virtual reality in supporting practitioners to identify signs of radicalisation and complement counter-violent extremism (CVE) programmes.

Previous research in MINDb4ACT, TRANSRAD and PROPHETS showed there was an appetite from practitioners for more engaging training content for CVE. As a result, CENTRIC developed VISER to allow for the rapid construction of flexible simulation environments containing relevant features that may indicate signs of radicalisation or violent extremism. These items may include propaganda, printed material, weapons and explosives, flags, clothing, iconography, and controversial reading and video material. Users receive an intelligence briefing and then enter the room where they can interact and explore the environment for signs of radicalisation.

Funding Statement

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MINDb4ACT received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 740543

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