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Our vision is to deliver excellence in applied research for policing and security. Our approach blends evidence-based research, policy and practice with the development of tangible solutions that have a real-world impact on the security domain.


Information and Communications Technology in Support of Migration
Akhgar, B., Hough, K. L., Abdel-Samad, Y., Bayerl, P. S., & Karakostas, A. (Eds.)
Information Security Technologies for Controlling Pandemics
Jahankhani, H., Kendzierskyj, S., & Akhgar, B. (Eds.)
Technology Development for Security Practitioners
Akhgar, B., Kavallieros, D., & Sdongos, E. (Eds.)
Dark Web Investigation
Akhgar, B., Gercke, M., Vrochidis, S., & Gibson, H. (Eds.)
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Book Chapters

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