Automated serious game scenario generator for mixed reality training
man wearing virtual reality glasses holding prototype gun

AUGGMED is an immersive serious game platform that enables individual and collaborative training of law enforcement and first responders to react effectively in major incidents. AUGGMED combined desk-based, virtual and augmented reality experiences with multi-modal interfaces, cutting edge haptic feedback and control systems. The platform generates non-linear scenarios tailored to suit the needs of individual trainees with dedicated trainer interfaces to manage and analyse the scenario progression. AUGGMED enables first responders to improve emotion management, analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills in stressful environments. 

CENTRIC developed the trainer tools and interfaces within AUGGMED, which was featured on the BBC, and conducted an extensive validation study on the effectiveness of virtual reality training with West Yorkshire Police compared to traditional live exercises. 

Funding Statement

European Commission Flag

AUGGMED received funding from the European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 653590.

Further Information


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