Multiple intelligent conversation agent services for reception, management and integration of third country nationals in the EU
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WELCOME aimed to research and develop intelligent technologies to support the reception and integration of migrants and refugees in Europe. WELCOME offers a personalised and psychologically and socially competent solution for migrants, refugees and public administrations involved in the migrant integration process. The solution includes immersive and intelligent services, in which embodied intelligent and multilingual agents act as dedicated personalised assistants to migrants and refugees in arrival registration, orientation, language teaching, civic education and social and societal inclusion of their host country.

Within WELCOME, CENTRIC led the delivery of the personalised interaction and decision support function leading to a mobile application and virtual reality environment for the various integration scenarios. In addition, CENTRIC also supported the implementation of the security features of the WELCOME system, completed a data protection impact assessment for the WELCOME platform and developed guidelines for ethical and inclusive design for agent-guided interaction technologies.

Funding Statement

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WELCOME received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Number 870930

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