Advanced first responders training
red and yellow first responder uniforms hanging up

STRONG proposes a series of online courses for continuous training of first responders. First responders can be law enforcement, fire or medical services. Such services can take advantage of digital technologies to support their functions. STRONG developed three themed courses on soft skills, weather menaces, and health and personal risks. The main objectives of the courses are to enable first responders to handle various situations more effectively by providing them with essential skills and familiarising them with specific state-of-the-art tools. The online courses are complemented by virtual reality training which put into practice some of the course concepts in a safe environment. The project integrates a digital tool to create a European Network of First Responders, through which first responders can connect, share experiences and best practices and foster cooperation at the European level.

Funding Statement

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STRONG is funded under the Erasmus+ programme 

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