Sustainable autonomy and resilience for LEAs using AI against high priority threats
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STARLIGHT aims to enhance the European Union’s strategic autonomy in artificial intelligence for law enforcement agencies and other actors in the internal security domain. STARLIGHT will empower LEAs to capitalise on their data in a legally and ethically compliant manner by improving their overall understanding of AI and its potential impact on investigative and cybersecurity operations. STARLIGHT is developing datasets, tools, and communities to boost the exploitation of AI by LEAs. Through STARLIGHT, LEAs will have improved autonomy and resilience in using AI to tackle major criminal threats.

STARLIGHT focuses on six core domains, counter-terrorism, child sexual exploitation, border and external security, cybersecurity and cybercrime, serious and organised crime, and the protection of public spaces. CENTRIC leads the dissemination and communication efforts in STARLIGHT, as well as analysing best practices in AI use in Europe and contributing tools relating to data preparation and forecasting of criminal activities.

Funding Statement

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STARLIGHT received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 101021797

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