SIRIUS Game - improving cross-border access to electronic evidence
mobile phone with network overlay of different apps and cloud services

The SIRIUS project aims to help investigators cope with the complexity and the volume of information in a rapidly changing online environment by providing guidelines on specific online service providers and investigative tools; and sharing experiences with peers, both online and in person. CENTRIC worked with Europol to develop a serious game based on the SIRIUS platform that would enable investigators and judicial authorities to understand the SIRIUS platform's capabilities. 

The game presents the player with an investigative scenario based on a terrorist attack, and using their expertise and information from the SIRIUS platform, they are tasked with identifying information and the most effective means of working with online service providers to access and analyse online information via multiple choice questions. In addition, the game includes scenarios about making platform requests, preparing an MLAT request, and how to make preservation requests, as well as using open source intelligence to complement or speed up results.