Security communications and analysis network
SCAAN mobile ok, not ok interface

SCAAN is a digital platform and mobile application designed to provide more efficient communications and assistance to field staff during a crisis. SCAAN works via a live dashboard in a security operations centre or control room and a mobile application deployed to organisational staff worldwide. SCAAN provides a digital situation room with a real-time view of the global security situation. Mobile app users send and receive geo-localised real-time alerts, can communicate directly with the operations centre and request immediate assistance. In addition, security personnel provide live incident updates, advice on response actions and can launch rapid headcounts in response to a local incident. 

The key features of the SCAAN Mobile App are,

  • Incident alerts and updates
  • One-touch emergency panic button
  • Geolocation for high-risk areas and no-go alerts
  • Rapid response to headcount requests 
  • Making travel clearance requests.

The SCAAN Dashboard monitors all organisational app users and allows an operations centre to,

  • Send and receive live updates and direct communications from field staff
  • Monitor relevant breaking news and social feeds
  • Capture emerging threats and alerts
  • Send push notifications to alert staff to threats
  • Provide global security analytics and trends for long-term situational awareness.

The International Organization for Migration adopted SCAAN as their staff security solution, and the app has over 20,000 users across more than 150 countries. In addition, several UN and international organisations use SCAAN, and in 2019, the WHO deployed it to support their Ebola response. 

Further Information


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