Understanding the impact of narratives and perceptions of Europe on migration and providing practices, tools and guides for practitioners
figurines of migrats making their way across Europe

PERCEPTIONS examined how Europe and the EU are seen by those who have immigrated there or intend to do so. It looks at what perceptions of Europe exist among migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, how they are formed, whether they correspond to reality and how they influence migration decisions. The project considered how the flow of information could be distorted and whether inaccurate information could threaten the security of migrants (e.g., through dangerous border crossings) or even national security (e.g., through radicalisation).

In PERCEPTIONS, CENTRIC led the underpinning theoretical and scientific research culminating in a systematic literature review on the migration narratives within the EU. This further informed the organisation of a policy roundtable at the PERCEPTIONS final event and contributions to the PERCEPTIONS handbook.

Funding Statement

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PERCEPTIONS received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 833870.

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