Strategic pan-European ballistic intelligence platform for combating organised crime and terrorism
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ODYSSEY was a €3.85m project coordinated by Sheffield Hallam University focused on designing and developing a secure, interoperable situational awareness platform to support the EU in combatting organised crime and terrorism. The core use case focused on technical ballistics data and how information about guns and gun crime can be shared across Europe whilst promoting the establishment of formal or de facto standards. The project collaborated closely with NABIS (National Ballistics Intelligence Service) and developed a system that provided advanced querying mechanisms with a familiar user interface based on the i2 platform.

The results of ODYSSEY led to a set of proposed European standards for ballistics data collection, storage and sharing; an interoperable platform for the sharing of crime information and ballistics intelligence; the development of gun-crime-focused knowledge extraction techniques and red-flag alerts to improve situational awareness.

Funding Statement

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ODYSSEY was co-funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreement Number 218237

Further Information


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