An enhanced pre-frontier intelligence picture to safeguard the European borders
satellite view of the world with network concept

NESTOR developed a solution to protect and safeguard Europe's land and maritime borders. The result was a holistic border surveillance system providing pre-frontier intelligence and situational awareness at Europe's external borders. In addition, NESTOR aimed to support the concept of European Integrated Border Management by enhancing decision-making capabilities. By combining sensor technologies with advanced detection capabilities, artificial intelligence and situational awareness, NESTOR improves the capacity of border control authorities across a range of activities.

NESTOR carried out trials in the border areas of Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria, considering activities such as illegal trafficking, irregular migration and search and rescue operations. CENTRIC developed the legal and ethical framework for NESTOR and tools for extracting online content and displaying information through a visual analytics dashboard to enhance decision support. 

Funding Statement

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NESTOR received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 101021851

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