military scene looking through virtual reality headset

HORUS was funded through the Defence and Security Accelerator call for innovative Tele-existence solutions that blend telepresence with robotics. HORUS built on CENTRIC's existing virtual reality projects to propose an approach to explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) that allows multiple EOD robot operators to access and control a real-time, high-definition, 360-degree field of vision through virtual reality. The solution implemented intuitive controls and a 3D interface for markup and annotation of the environment.

The initial solution was able to demonstrate the remote operation of the robot at a distance of up to six miles, the streaming of audio and video over a 4G LTE connection at 4K to the VR headset, the ability to remotely navigate complex pathways in indoor and outdoor environments, and have two simultaneous VR users for remote annotation of objects in the environment.

Funding Statement

Funded by DSTL’s Defence and Security Accelerator (ACC6020553)