Fight against large-scale corruption and organised crime networks
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Current evidence suggests that the global fight against corruption faces serious challenges: policy decisions are not well-informed, the corruption landscape is large and complex, measures of corruption are mostly based on subjective approaches, and there is a lack of appropriate technological tools to support anti-corruption efforts. FALCON is designed and dedicated to improving the composition, update and management of corruption intelligence pictures.

FALCON will develop and validate objective and actionable indicators of corruption that underpin the design, implementation and integration of powerful data analytics tools, data pipelines and applications that support the lifecycle of corruption intelligence pictures. FALCON will enable comprehensive corruption risk assessment, informed policy-making, and improved anti-corruption efforts in law enforcement. There are four corruption phenomena addressed by FALCON as pilot cases: public procurement fraud, circumvention of sanctions against oligarchs and kleptocrats, corruption schemes linked to smuggling at border crossings, and conflicts of interest of politically exposed persons. 

In FALCON, CENTRIC leads the development of secure data management and policy-related activities, as well as contributing to risk assessment, education and training.  

Funding Statement

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Co-Funded by the European Union. 


CENTRIC’s work is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee [grant number 10078194]

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