Fighting cybercrime – law enforcement practitioners’ network
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CYCLOPES addresses the growing requirement for LEAs to investigate crime with digital components. Considering both cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crime, CYCLOPES works with cybercrime law enforcement practitioners to identify the challenges they face when confronted with the cyber and digital forensics elements of a crime. Correspondingly, CYCLOPES identifies available market solutions and opportunities for research investment into various tools and solutions while building a European-wide network of practitioners facing similar challenges. 

In the first year, CYCLOPES focused on challenges relating to mobile devices and wearables, social engineering and remote desktop protocols. In the second year, automotive forensics, cryptocurrencies and cloud services. The core topics for year three are currently under discussion. Each year CENTRIC is responsible for eliciting technical needs and available research and market solutions for each topic area. Furthermore, we also produce a yearly foresight report on the dark web and quantum computing.

Funding Statement

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CYCLOPES has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 101021669

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