Training game for investigation of cryptocurrencies
cryptocurrency coins such as bitcoin and etherum

CRYPTOPOL was the first cryptocurrency-tracing training game of its kind. CRYPTOPOL is a collaboration between CENTRIC and Europol EC3 that responds to the growing involvement of cryptocurrencies in cybercrime and other investigations. CRYPTOPOL provides a gamified cryptocurrency investigation simulation with hands-on practice emphasising real-life investigative scenarios. The first version of CRYTOPOL launched in 2019, primarily focusing on investigations related to Bitcoin. An updated version, released in 2023, caters for Ethereum, DeFi and NFT investigations.  

CRYPTOPOL is available to law enforcement worldwide and thus far has been used by hundreds of investigators to improve their cryptocurrency skills. Investigators are placed on a global leaderboard, with the top investigators receiving a certificate from Europol.

Funding Statement

A collaborative project between Europol EC3 and CENTRIC