Interconnected next-generation immersive IoT platform of crime and terrorism detection, prediction, investigation, and prevention services
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CONNEXIONs aimed to equip LEAs with an end-to-end system to improve their intelligence capabilities across the investigative lifecycle, from crime prediction and prevention to operational support and post-crime/incident investigation. The CONNEXIONs platform included tools that supported data acquisition from the web (surface, deep, dark), social media, IoT, digital evidence and reports. The system enabled the processing and analysis of this information delivering it to LEAs through dashboards, immersive environments for situational awareness and training customised to local practices and legislation.

The test cases focused on managing large-scale public events, human trafficking investigations and 3D reconstruction of crime scenes. CENTRIC developed software for acquiring online information concerning the human trafficking scenario and detecting misinformation. We also provided a secure data management and auditing platform to support evidential integrity. 

Funding Statement

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CONNEXIONs received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 786731

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