Bitesize Interactive

A training game for the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit
policeman writing on clipboard stood next to a car

Bitesize Interactive is a serious game funded by the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) at South Yorkshire Police (SYP). The game focuses on two scenarios: a domestic abuse concern and a county lines investigation. The game aims to improve Sergeants' investigative practices through interactive and engaging gamification. The game complements a new line of video training tools developed by SYP (Bitesize training). The game was developed using co-design and co-creation principles collaborating closely with the VRU. The game encourages the documentation of rationale and thought processes that a supervisor can review.

During the game, players are informed of an incident and, through multiple-choice questions, instruct other officers on the best course of action with a written rationale accompanying each answer. Players receive points based on safeguarding, securing and preserving evidence and public confidence. 

Funding Statement

Funded through South Yorkshire Police’s Violence Reduction Unit (2020)