Enhancing standardisation strategies to integrate innovative technologies for safety and security in existing water networks
rippling water at a treatment plant

aqua3S  aimed to improve the safety and security of the water network ecosystem by working with water authorities, utility operators and public security agencies to respond to incidents rapidly. The project developed a platform to support the standardisation of existing sensors in the water sector and combine them with novel sensor technologies (such as further chemical detectors and video information) alongside complementary data, including satellite imagery and social media. To capitalise on this data, the system deployed state-of-the-art processing, detection, visualisation and alerting mechanisms to improve decision support and consistency of messages to the public during a water safety or security crisis. 

aqua3S carried out piloting activities in the Veneto region in Italy, Cyprus, Sofia, Brussels, Thessaloniki and Paris, testing scenarios such as disruption and contamination of the water supply. In addition, CENTRIC conducted a wide-ranging analysis of the use of social media during a water crisis and created a warning message generation framework to support public alerting.

Funding Statement

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aqua3S received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 832876. 

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