Facilitating public & private security operators to mitigate terrorism scenarios against soft targets
security camera over looking a train station with people moving around

APPRIASE aims to develop an integrated threat intelligence solution to support the collaboration and sharing of information between public and private security operations. APPRAISE focuses on threats to and the protection of soft targets and public spaces, especially when major events occur. The project leverages the latest technologies in data analytics, artificial intelligence and visual analytics to detect and respond to potential criminal and terrorist acts.

APPRAISE will pilot its solutions in four core areas: a cross-country cycling event, a major stadium-based sporting event, at a public entertainment venue and an exhibition and business complex. In the project, CENTRIC managed the requirements elicitation process and will analyse the societal acceptance of the solutions APPRAISE is implementing. We are also developing a technical solution to analyse text from online sources about the event and are managing the APPRAISE community.

Funding Statement

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APPRAISE received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 101021981

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