AI Accountability for Policing and Security
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Policing and security (P&S) organisations face the challenge of balancing the significant opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) for safeguarding society with their concerns and expectations about its responsible use. 

AI is already becoming an effective and efficient solution for supporting policing activities. For example, the police utilise AI against priority crimes such as terrorism, organised crime, human trafficking, and child sexual exploitation (e.g., in facial recognition technology, video editing, or for the enhancement and predictive modelling of crime distribution). Meanwhile, current testing assesses how AI can support the prevention of crimes, e.g., for detecting cyber-attacks, large-scale fraud, or disinformation campaigns. In reality, AI will be indispensable for P&S organisations, given the scale, proliferation and mutability of some crime types, the adoption of AI-enabled technologies by criminals and crime networks, and the sheer volumes of data involved. 

AIPAS aims to increase the resources and expertise of actors in the Policing and Security (P&S) domain to efficiently and competently evaluate AI technologies and their impacts, and address and redress issues if they arise. Ultimately, AIPAS aims to empower the UK P&S ecosystem to ensure and enact AI Accountability.

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This work is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [Responsible AI IA091 Grant Ref: EP/Y009800/1]

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