Artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics for law enforcement agencies
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AIDA aimed to provide LEAs in the EU with innovative, dedicated and sustainable digital technologies to facilitate the entire big data analytics cycle as part of their investigative and proactive prevention capabilities. AIDA's platform leverages several machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to prevent, identify, analyse and combat cybercrime and terrorist activities. The project delivered several specific intelligence and investigation workflows underpinned by tools that support online content acquisition, information extraction and fusion, knowledge management and enrichment, and predictive and visual analytics. 

CENTRIC made several contributions to AIDA. Firstly, we led the analysis of ethical considerations for LEAs' use of big data and semi-automated processing. Secondly, we undertook extensive research into identifying citizen perceptions of security concerning big data and AI, complemented by analysing the societal side effects and resilience in the face of such technologies. Third, from the technical perspective, we built on prior research to develop a tool for acquiring information for the web and dark web. Finally, we also carried out an analysis of the emerging trends in cybercrime and terrorism.

Funding Statement

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AIDA received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement Number 883596

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