Professor Brooke Rogers OBE

Prof. of Behavioural Science and Security

Professor Brooke Rogers OBE is a Deputy Head of the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. She is a social psychologist by training, specialising in the study of social groups, group interaction, attitude formation and change, and belief systems. Specifically, she is interested in public and expert perceptions of risk and risk communication, having applied these concepts to several areas including doctor-patient communication, the future of nuclear power in Europe, the study of NGO partnership potential, pharmaceuticals and the psychology of terrorism. 

Professor Brooke Rogers holds honorary associations with a number of organisations including the Public Health England (PHE) (formerly the HPA) the US based Global Futures Partnership and its Global Futures Forum, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and has membership on a Home Office steering group, the Community Resilience Programme Steering Group for the Cabinet Office (CCS) and the Royal Society Advisory Committee on Scientific Aspects of International Security (SAIS).  She has been involved in teaching and training for the Home Office, MOD, Metropolitan Police, Police National CBRN Centre, Redline Aviation and others. Professor Brooke Rogers currently lectures on NATO courses in five countries, and has held advisory positions with a number of government organisations on a national and international level, enjoying membership on the editorial board.