Dr. Steph Rudd

Research Fellow

Steph’s passion for her work is rooted in the belief that emerging technologies have potential to foster positive societal transformations, and it is essential to align such advancements with improving human welfare and crime reduction. Steph’s central focus are topics pertaining to cyber: Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Steph has recently completed a PhD in “A Low-Energy Security Solution for IoT-Based Smart-Farms”, and published the following material alongside this work:

1. “Low-Energy Authentication with Selective Privacy for Heterogeneous IoT Devices in Smart-Farms,” in 2021 30th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT, Oct. 2021, pp. 230–238. 2. “Selective Privacy in IoT Smart-Farms for Battery-Powered Device Longevity,” Proceedings from the Conference of Applied Computing 2021, Aug. 2021.

3. “Towards lightweight authorisation of IoT-oriented smart-farms using a self-healing consensus mechanism,” Proceedings of the 31st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT, pp. 265–276, 2022.

4. “Threat modelling with the GDPR towards a security and privacy metrics framework for IoT smart-farm application,” 7th International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security, pp. 91–102, 2022.