Dr. Holger Nitsch

Director of CEPOLIS

Holger studied at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich the subjects political science, psychology and economics. He specialized on international politics and the field of terrorism, violence and war. In his thesis for his doctorate he has dealt with different forms of terrorism and definitions.

He was working from 1992 until 2006 for an international security consultancy company. As a supervisor and trainer he was responsible for teaching passenger profiling and the detection of forged documents. He delivered this training also to members of the federal police at the Munich Airport. In this position he was also responsible for all security issues on certain flights and dealing with customers and clients.

Holger is working since 2001 for the College of the Bavarian Police. First he started as freelance and in 2006 he became a full member of the College. Since 2009 he is leading the social science department of the College. He is experienced in lecturing sociology, political science and contemporary history. He is also responsible for the subjects psychology and leadership skills. His main subject in research is the new development in terrorism and radicalisation with a strong focus on counterterrorism issues. He is also specialised in research and lecturing of Islamism, organised crime, social media, extremism and extremist ideologies, corruption and globalisation and its effects.

He is also responsible for the public relations of the College and all foreign relations. He organised a cooperation with the police academy in Bucharest, Romania and is keeping up a cooperation with the police academy of the Czech Republic in Prague. He was also taking part in the CEPOL ExPro, where he did an exchange with Bulgaria.

Holger is the project manager for the EU funded projects of the College. He is working for the DG Home Affairs funded projects SMART CV and ISDEP. He is also involved in the project ePOOLICE, which runs under the FP7 programme of the European Commission.