Dr. Gregory Saathoff

Head of CIAG

Gregory is Executive Director of the University of Virginia’s Critical Incident Analysis Group. CIAG serves as a “ThinkNet” that provides multidisciplinary expertise in developing strategies that can prevent or mitigate the effects of critical incidents, focusing on building relationships amongst leadership in government, academe, and the private sector for the enhancement of national security. 

Formerly a Major in the U.S. Army, in 1996, Gregory was appointed to a U.S. Department of Justice commission charged with developing a methodology to enable the FBI to better access non-governmental expertise during times of crisis, and has served as the FBI’s Conflict Resolution Specialist since that time. From 2009-11, he chaired the Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel on the Amerithrax Case, the largest bioterrorism investigation in FBI history. He brings behavioral science subject matter expertise and leverages CIAG’s network of relationships to strengthen CENTRIC’s U.S.-European connections amongst government and law enforcement entities.

More: https://med.virginia.edu/ciag/