24 March 2023

CENTRIC and Europol’s Innovation Lab introduce the AP4AI self-assessment tool

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On March 23rd CENTRIC took part in the CERIS workshop on the use of Artificial Intelligence for Security Purposes. Hosted by the European Commission’s DG HOME in Brussels, this event brought together 90 members of the EU Security Community.

During the first panel, which addressed how to consider the needs of law enforcement in both daily practise and the proposed AI Act, Professor Saskia Bayerl, Head of Research at CENTRIC, discussed the relevance of AI Accountability for the security domain and solutions proposed by the AP4AI project.

At the end of the panel, Gregory Mounier, Head of Europol Innovation Lab, Professor Babak Akhgar OBE, Director of CENTRIC, and Professor Bayerl announced the release of the first version of the AP4AI accountability self-assessment tool. This tool allows organisations to review and assess AI accountability in their domain across the full AI lifecycle.

The launch of the tool received a lot of attention since it represents a substantial contribution from the EU’s internal security sector to the discussion over the AI Act.


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